Jacob Chuckorscranit Tiktok Age Height: Ollie Ball Friend Instagram

Who is Jacob Chuckorscranit? Meet Ollie Ball’s Tiktok Partner

Who is Jacob Chuckorscranit? Meet Ollie Ball’s Tiktok Partner

Jacob Chuckorscranit Tiktok videos are getting millions of views. Fans are curious about why is Chuckorscranit trending on the Internet.

Jacob Chuckorscranit is becoming a TikTok sensation after his videos are getting immensely popular. Jacob is often featured in the TikToks of his friend, Ollie Ball. 

Chuckorscranit is a school student in the UK. Jacob Chuckorscranit is trending on TikTok because of his hilarious videos. Jacob and Ollie Ball often review the food from their cafeteria, reports The Sun.

Some of their popular catchphrases are chuck or scran it, it’s unbelievable, It’s Ollie Ball here, and I’ve got commitment issues.

Jacob Chuckorscranit: Meet Ollie Ball Friend On Tiktok

Jacob Chuckorscranit is active on TikTok with 989.9k followers.

Jacob has 11.8 million total likes on his TikTok videos. His TikTok bio says Me and ollieball12. The bio also gives out the website address of Ollie Ball’s Twitch platform. As of recently, most of Chuckorscranit’s TikTok videos have millions of views.


Comment how your days been @ollieball12 ##fyp ##TestReadyChic ##JDAirMaxYourWay ##foryou ##GoBoldColorista ##jabobchuckorscranit ##swmstudios

♬ original sound – Jacobpaski

Jacob Chuckorscranit often uploads TikTok videos with his friend Ollie Ball. Ollie is also a famous TikToker with 1 million active followers.

Ollie Ball has 7.4 million likes on the platform, where he reviews snacks such as Cadbury Creme Eggs, Kit Kats, cadies, and food from Nandos and the school cafeteria.

Jacob Chuckorscranit Age And Height 

Chuckorscranit age is 16 years.

The details about Jacob Chuckorscranit’s height are private. By the looks of his pictures, Chuckorscranit might be around 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Jacob Chuckorscranit was born and raised in the UK, and his nationality is British.

Is Chuckorscranit On Instagram?

Jacob Chuckorscranit is not on Instagram.

Chuckorscranit’s friend, Ollie Ball is on Instagram, where he often communicates with the fans. The details about Jacob’s net worth are currently private.


We’re back baby ##fyp ##NespressoTalents ##foryou ##jabobchuckorscranit ##swmstudios

♬ original sound – Jacobpaski

Many of Jacob’s TikTok videos are uploaded on Youtube and they are getting more popular day by day. Chuckorscranit is yet to reveal any details about his partner or girlfriend to the public.

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