Jade Hallyday Age Wikipedia And Instagram

Jade Hallyday Age: Meet Johnny Hallyday Daughter On Instagram

Jade Hallyday Age: Meet Johnny Hallyday Daughter On Instagram

How old is Johnny Hallyday daughter? Jade Hallyday age is sweet 16. The teenager is getting slammed for her outfits recently.

Jade is the daughter of Johnny Hallyday. We all know Johnny Hallyday is a late French rock icon with over 57 years in the industry. Even after the demise of the musician, his family and children often make headlines.

Here’s what we know about his eldest daughter Jade Hallyday.

Jade Hallyday Age

Jade Hallyday’s age is 16 years old.

She was born in the year 2004 and her birthday is on August 3. According to Astrology, she belongs to the Leo sign. She currently lives with her family between France and the United States.

Hallyday is living with one of the richest families in France. Her siblings are David, Laura Smith, and Joy Hallyday. According to many Wiki bio sites,  her net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. 

Johnny Hallyday Daughter Wikipedia

Jade Hallyday has no Wikipedia bio.

She is the adopted daughter of parents Johnny Hallyday and Leticia Hallyday. The little girl was adopted in November 2004. She has a Vietnamese origin.

Jade is a student at Lycée French School in Los Angeles. She is also a Ballerina, singer and is a part of the school choir.

Another big name attached to Jade is actor Jean Reno and Luana Belmondo. They are godparents of the teenager. Furthermore, one of Johnny’s songs, “Mon plus beau Noël,” is dedicated to his adopted daughter.

Meet Her On Instagram

Yes, Jade Hallyday is active on Instagram with the username “@jadehallyday.”

Until today the account has more than 146 thousand followers. On June 23, the eldest daughter of Hallyday posted a new photo on her Instagram page. She showed herself like never before with a very bold look.

Following her post, many of Hallydays’ fans warned by addressing Leticia Hallyday. Similarly, on July 2, she appeared in an elegant and short black dress with her boyfriend.

Jade Hallyday’s boyfriend is Michael-Sean Klemeniuk. He is the son of French producer Thierry Klemeniuk.

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