Jamal Harrison Bryant’s Daughter Age, Instagram Bio

Topaz Bryant is most of the time addressed as a family member but she is also well known as the CEO of The Preacher Network. Her father is Jamal Harrison Bryant who is an American minister and is now a senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Name Topaz Bryant
Birthday 1998
Age 22 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession CEO of The Preacher Network
Parents Jamal Harrison and Crystal Madison
Siblings John Karston Bryant, Adore Bryant, Angel Bryant, Grace Bryant
Married/Single Single
Education Georgia State University and Ohio State University
Instagram @topazbryant
Twitter @TopazBryant
Facebook @TopazBryantManager

It is known that her father Jamal started his career as a Pastor in 2000. She also works as a director of T.E.E.N. She is also a leader who is trying her best to provide employments to teenagers and millennials.

She believes that in the life of each and everyone younger years are one of the most crucial parts of life. She has also mentioned that she wants to become the voice of many voiceless people. Though only a few of her info is available on the web with some research few of her facts are listed below.

10 Facts on Topaz Bryant:

  1. Topaz Bryant has been mainly popular because she is Jamal Harrison Bryant’s daughter.
  2. Born in the year 1998, she has now turned 22 years of age already.
  3. People have raised tons of questions about whether she is really dating someone or not and the answer seems she is not dating anyone.
  4. Even if she had been dating someone, she would have definitely added her boyfriend‘s picture on her social media platform. So, we can confirm that she is single.
  5. Now, talking about the most important thing which is her family, she was born to Jamal Harrison and Crystal Madison
  6. We have found her Instagram account’s username which happens to be @topazbryant, and it seems she has around 28 thousand followers in total.
  7. Since she is active on LinkedIn, we can find her bio there.
  8. Moving onto her siblings, they are John Karston Bryant, Adore Bryant, Angel Bryant, and Grace Bryant
  9. Currently, she is consisted to be the CEO of The Preacher Network.
  10. Topaz has attended some amazing universities like Georgia State University and Ohio State University

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