James Khuri Net Worth, Wife and Son Name Revealed

FJ Holdings: James Khuri Net Worth, Wife and Son Name Revealed

FJ Holdings: James Khuri Net Worth, Wife and Son Name Revealed

FJ Holdings‘ James Khuri has not revealed his net worth yet. We know that he is a multi-millionaire.

James Khuri is a businessman and entrepreneur hailing from Los Angeles, USA. He is the owner of a distribution company called FJ Holdings. He often showcases his lavish lifestyle on his social media, calling himself a social media influencer. 

According to Daily Mail, James’ son, Brendan Khuri, has been charged for vehicular manslaughter and is currently under custody. The 17-years-old has been convicted of driving the luxurious Lamborgini, which killed Monique Munoz, in February 2021. 

FJ Holdings James Khuri Net Worth

The owner of FJ Holdings, James Khuri’s net worth, is under investigation. Seemingly, he is a multi-millionaire but is not a billionaire.

James Khuri probably has an estimated net worth in the range of $100 million to $900 million. However, the exact amount is yet to be calculated.

All we know is that his source of income is all from various businesses, investments, and social media platforms. You can follow him on Instagram (@jameskhuri), where he recently crossed a million followers. 

Who Is James Khuri Wife?

Well, James Khuri is currently unmarried and thus has not got a wife. However, his son, Brendan Khuri, is from his previous marriage with Christine. 

The ex-couples had divorced back in 2008, and since then, James has not found another partner for himself. However, his former wife, Christine, has been enjoying a happy married life with a new husband.

It’s been more than 22 years since they got divorced, so it seems that James is not really looking for a wife. 

Meet James Khuri Son Brendan Khuri

As we mentioned earlier, James Khuri has a son named Brendan Khuri, who is actually from his previous relationship.

Brendan is only 17 years old, but his father turned very generous when he gifted his beloved son a $200 thousand Lamborghini

Both Christine and her current husband were not satisfied with the gift. The gift eventually led to an accident costing a 32-years-old secretary’s life.

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