James Padraig Farrell Colin Farrell Son Age, Syndrome And Instagram

James Padraig Farrell Age: Everything On Colin Farrell Son

James Padraig Farrell Age: Everything On Colin Farrell Son

James Padraig Farrell is the elder son of Colin Farrell. No wonder Media attention directly goes towards the children celebrities to increase the PR.

James is mostly recognized as the son of Colin Farell, an Irish actor who made his debut by appearing in the BBC series titled Bally Kiss Angel in 1998. His name is listed on the top radar of Wikipedia. 

Moreover, Farrell has a younger brother named Henry Tadeusz Farrell. As per the Famous Birthday, he was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome.

Due to this, he suffers from mental and physical problems.

Surely, he has a supportive and caring family.

James Farrell: Colin Farrell Son

James Pradaig Farrel was born to his parents, Colin Farrell (father) and Kim Bordenave (mother).

By profession, his mother is an American model.


As per the rumors, Colin never married Kim. In fact, he dated many celebrities but never tied the knot with anyone. Recently, he hasn’t dated anyone for years because he was so busy raising. 

His parents only had an intimate relationship which resulted in her being the mother of a child. 

James Age: How Old is The Celebrity Kid?

James Padraig Farrells age is 17 years as of 2021.

According to the source, he was born on September 12, 2003, and his zodiac sign is Virgo.

Additionally, he was born in LA, California, which means his nationality is American.

James Has Angelman Syndrome 

James Padraig Farrell was suffering from Angelman Syndrome since childhood.

It was a genetic disorder that causes a delay in body development, disabilities and affects the nervous system.

As being a father, he is very protective of his teenage son. He recently filed a conservatorship, a legal arrangement whereby a court appoints a person to manage a minor’s financial and personal affairs.

Meet James On Instagram

James has no profiles on social media now.

However, he is visible to his father’s Instagram profile.

No doubt, as being an actor, he has a massive fan following on Instagram and Twitter.

James hasn’t been involved in any fields right now. Hence, his net worth is under review.

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