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Lena Redford: James Redford’s Daughter and Actress – 10 Facts to Know

Lena Redford: James Redford’s Daughter and Actress – 10 Facts to Know

Lena Redford is the daughter of an American filmmaker and environmental activist, James Redford. Personally, Lena is also an actor and director herself, carrying on the family legacy. She first appeared in the 2010 movie, Quality Time. The movie was directed by her father. She also has directed and acted in a short movie in 2020 called Dear Maria. 

However, tragic news has been revealed by her family that the filmmaker, James Redford has met his demise at the age of 58. He has had the problems in the liver for two years and was waiting for a liver transplant. As per his wife’s interview, it is confirmed that he died of bile-duct cancer. The family knew about cancer in November. A great filmmaker accompanied by an empathetic human inside, James was an inspiration to many people and he still is, even though he is no more with us. 

Name Lena Redford
Age 25-30
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Parents James Redford, Kyle Redford
Siblings Dylan Redford
Instagram @lilredford

10 Facts on Lena Redford

  1. Lena Redford is the daughter of the American filmmaker and philanthropist, James Redford who passed away at the age of 58. 
  2. Lena’s age, however, is still to be determined. She looks to be below 30 years of age. 
  3. Moreover, Lena is present on Instagram. But she hasn’t posted anything about her father recently. 
  4. She is quite famous but Lena is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. 
  5. Talking about her family, she was born to James Redford and Kyle Redford. Her parents had been married for around 32 years.
  6.  Besides, she also has a brother, Dylan Redford. He is an actor and director. 
  7. As for herself, she is also an actor and filmmaker. 
  8. The actress stands at a decent height as well. But the stats seem to be unavailable at this moment. 
  9. Lena played a role in the 2010 movie, Quality Time, which was directed by her father. 
  10. She has recently done a little direction as well. She completed her first short movie, Dear Maria in 2020. 

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