Jamppi Wiki, Age, Real Name And Girlfriend

Who Is Jamppi On Twitch? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Jamppi On Twitch? Everything You Need To Know

Elias Olkkonen better-known on the internet as Jamppi is an E-sports player who played the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO) professionally for E-sports organization ENCE but left the team on January 15, 2021, after ten months together.

The 19-year-old is regarded as a great player by many and has a fairly successful Twitch channel. His reason to leave ENCE is yet to be known but his absence will be a huge blow to the team.

To know more about Jamppi, his dating life, earnings, personal information read the 10 facts about him listed below:

Quick Facts: Who Is Jamppi On Twitch? Everything You Need To Know

Name Elias Olkkonen
Birthday July 22, 2001
Age 19
Gender Male
Nationality Finnish
Profession E-Sports player
Instagram @eliasolkkonen
Twitter @Jamppicsgo

10 Facts about Jamppi

  1. Jamppi is an E-sports player who has been gaining recognition very recently and therefore has no Wikipedia page but has a page on Liquidpedia which is a CS:GO wiki.
  2. Jamppi was born on July 22, 2001, and is currently 19 years of age. He is of Finnish nationality.
  3. His real name is Elias Olkkonen but he likes to be known as Jamppi which is an alias adopted by him to use as a gamer-tag.
  4. Elias or Jamppi is someone who likes to keep his private life private and has kept the question regarding his relationship status unanswered.
  5. He has been playing CS:GO competitively since 2018. According to Esportsearnings, he has earned a total of $37,067 from different tournaments.
  6. As of January 2021, only his competitive earnings have been made available however his net worth is yet to be estimated.
  7. Along with being a competitive player, Jamppi streams regularly on Twitch and has gained a total of 85 subscribers and over 67k followers.
  8. Elias has an Instagram account, his account @eliasolkkonen has over 10k followers with 29 posts.
  9. He is also available on Twitter, his account @Jamppicsgo has over 13k followers with over 1.5k tweets.
  10. Jamppi has his merch which is available on ENCE’s website.

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