Jan Blachowicz Wife Age, Instagram And Children

Dorota Jurkowska Wikipedia: Meet Jan Blachowicz Wife On Instagram

Dorota Jurkowska Wikipedia: Meet Jan Blachowicz Wife On Instagram

Dorota Jurkowska Wikipedia: Is she featured by the website yet? Find everything about the celebrity partner below!

Dorota Jurkowska is soon to be wife and partner of Jan Blachowicz. Jan is a renowned professional MMA fighter. He is signed by the UFC under the lightweight category. Furthermore, he debuted into the industry in 2007. 

Dorota Jukowska Wikipedia Explored

Dorota Jukowska doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio.

But, Dorota Jukowska does have an Instagram with 19.2k followers. You can follow her IG handle as @d.jurkowska87. In the same way, she mainly posts about Jan’s UFC updates. Furthermore, Dorota loves traveling and working out. 

Dorota Juowska also works as a manager for Jan’s UFC career. Back in 2017, when Jan was about to lose his job, Dorta saved his career via several phone calls. Nevertheless, the couple was just dating at that time. 

Dorota Jurkowska Age: How Old is She?

Dorota Jurkowska is around her 30’s.

Jurkowska’a exact birthday and zodiac sign are not revealed. However, we assume that she is around Jan’s age, who turned 38 years old this year. Besides, she stands decently tall with a good figure and smile.

The celebrity partner is a resident of Warsaw, Polish. Thus, Dorota Jurkowska owns a Polish nationality. Furthermore, Dorota Jurkowska comes from a fighter family herself. She is the sister of the veteran MMA fighter, Lukasz Jurkowski. 

Do they have Children?

Dorota Jukowska does have children with Jan Blanchowicz. 

Dorota and Jan’s toddler son was born recently in December 2020. On the other hand, the couple is not officially married yet. Nevertheless, Jan has already popped the marriage question to Dorota.

It is estimated that Dorota Jukowska shares a net worth of $3 Million USD with her fiancee. In fact, Jan earns handsomely as a UFC fighter. Thus, Dorota is doubtlessly living an extremely luxurious life. 

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