Jan Catherine Sy Age, Death And Parents: Henry Sy Jr Daughter

Jan Catherine Sy Age: How Did Henry Sy Jr Daughter Die?

Jan Catherine Sy Age: How Did Henry Sy Jr Daughter Die?

Jan Catherine Sy Age and Death Cause Revealed. How did Jan Catherine Sy die? 

Jan Catherine Sy is the daughter of SM Prime Holdings chairman Henry Sy Jr.

Her family announced her death on social media. She passed away in the evening on March 18, 2021. Furthermore, Jan was serving as the vice president in her family’s multimillion real estate business.

Jan Catherine Sy Age: How old was she?

Jan Catherine Sy was only 29 years of age as of March 2021. Jan Catherine Sy was the eldest daughter of Henry Sy Jr.

Although Jan has not been featured on the Wikipedia page. She has been mentioned on multiple sites. Apart from being a young businesswoman, Jan was also inclined to music and arts. She was a passionate equestrienne and sports lover.

Jan graduated in Business and Economics from Westmount College in Santa Barbara, California. Despite being young, Jan’s contribution to her family business was huge. As a VP she had taken an active role in community development through SMDC.

The Sy family are among the 20 richest families in Aisa. Their net worth is around $19.7 billion.

Henry Sy Jr Daughter Death Cause

According to news Henry Sy Jr, Daughter died of Sepsis. It is a potentially rare life-threatening disease that occurs when your body has an unusually severe response to an infection.

According to a statement from the Sy family to their close relatives and friends, Jan passed away around 6:35 pm this Thursday, March 18, 2021. She was hospitalized a few days ago having been exposed to bacteria. On Thursday morning, her family reported that she was in critical condition.

Her Funeral and Obituary arrangements have not been officially released.

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