Jane Gordon Journalist Wikipedia Age Wife And Net Worth

Who Is Jane Gordon? Everything About The Journalist

Who Is Jane Gordon? Everything About The Journalist

Jane Gordon has been a famous journalist for decades and a celebrated author. But is she listed on Wikipedia?

Learn everything about Jane Gordon in the article below. 

Jane Gordon is an English journalist. She served as a journalist for more than three decades. She has a very influential career. 

She is also an author and mother of a famous journalist Bryony Gordon. 

Who is Jane Gordon? Jane Gordon’s Wikipedia

Jane Gordon is an English journalist and an author. 

Despite being a famous journalist and author, Jane Gordon is still no listed on Wikipedia. However, we can find her details on other websites and news pages like Telegraph. 

Jane is a citizen of England. She lives in Hanley, Thames. She is a mother of a famous journalist  Bryony Gordon.

Bryony Gordon writes for The Telegraph. She is also an author. 

Bryony has written The Wrong Knickers: A Decade of Chaos, and the book, Mad World.

Talking about Jane, she is also an author. She has written a famous book, How Not To Get Old.

Like her book, Jane does not want to be old. In one of her interviews, she had mentioned she never thought of her being old. 

She has maintained her youth and beauty even in her old days.

Jane Gordon Age

Jane Gordon is now 65 years old. 

There is now relevant data of her birthdate and zodiac sign. Jane is a beautiful lady. Even in her mid-sixties, she looks fabulous. 

Jane Gordon Family

Jane is from England. Talking about her family, we have not much information.

She is a single lady right now. She got divorced from her husband 18 years ago. 

She is a mother of three. Journalist Bryony Gordon is her daughter. 

Other details about her family are not mentioned. She remained single for so long, and recently after the 2020 covid lockdown, she has realized that she needs a man in her life.

Jane Gordon Net Worth

There is no valid information about her net worth. 




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