Janet Malcolm Death Cause – Her Husband Wikipedia And Family

Janet Malcolm Death Cause – Renowned Author Died At 87

Janet Malcolm Death Cause – Renowned Author Died At 87

Janet Malcolm death cause has been announced by her family. Get to know details of her Wikipedia and husband from here.

Janet is an American author and Journalist. She is better known as the author of the book ‘The Journalist and the Killer’.

Her book is one of the most influential books in non-fiction narratives. She was the longtime employee of The New Yorker.

The writer has died at the age of 87. Her family announced her death news on June 17. Here are some details on her.

Obituary: Janet Malcolm Death Cause

Janet Malcolm death cause was cancer.

She had lung cancer for a very long time. 

After a medical emergency, she was admitted to a hospital in Manhattan. Malcolm took her last breath on Wednesday, June 16.

On Malcolm’s obituary, The New Yorker tweeted about her contributions.

The veteran writer has over 55 years of a long career in the news industry.

Is Janet Malcolm on Wikipedia?

Janet Malcolm has a Wikipedia bio.

She was born in the year 1934 in the city of Prague. But there is no information related to her birthday.

Her family migrated to the US in 1939, eventually settling in Manhattan. She graduated from the University of Michigan.

The writer has produced an avalanche of writing and articles throughout her career.

Her famous books are Diana and Nikon, The journalist and the murderer, In the Freud Archives, and many more.

Her Husband and Family

Janet Malcolm’s husband was Donald Malcolm.

The couple was married for a very long time in the sixties. He also worked for The New Yorker in the 1950s and 1960s.

She published her first article in the New Yorker in 1963. It was reviewed by Donald Malcolm, who passed away in 1978.

Janet then married her second husband, Gardner Botsford. He worked as the editor for the New Yorker.

Janet Malcolm has a daughter in her family. Her name is Anne Malcolm. It was she who officially announced her death.

Her Net Worth 

Janet Malcolm’s net worth is in the millions.

But the exact figure is yet to be disclosed.

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