Janet Yellen Husband, Family, Children and Net Worth

Janet Yellen Husband, Family, Children and Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know On

Janet Yellen Husband, Family, Children and Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know On

Janet Yellen is an economist who has been nominated for the position of Treasury Secretary by President-elect Joe Biden. if her nomination passes the Senate she will be the first woman to become the Treasury secretary.

Yellen is a historic economist and has a lot of experience in her field, she was one of the people responsible for helping the economy recover and formulating policies to steer the US out of the 2007-208 recession. 

Name Janet Yellen
Birthday August 13, 1946
Age 74
Gender Female
Height 5 feet
Nationality American
Profession Economist
Parents Julius Yellen and Anna Yellen
Net Worth $13 million
Husband George Akerlof
Children Robert Akerlof

10 Facts About Janet Yellen

  1. Janet Yellen’s husband is also an economist named George Akerlof. He is a professor of economics and economic sciences at Georgetown University. He is also a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate. 
  2. Together, Janet Yellen and her husband have a son named Robert Akerlof. They do not have any other children. 
  3. Janet Yellen’s family consists of her husband and son, they are also economists. 
  4. In addition to this, she spent most of her life with her family and parents Julius Yellen and Anna Yellen. 
  5. Her family was Polish-Jewish and she was raised as a Jew. It is unclear if she is still a practicing Jew. 
  6. Janet Yellen is an economist who has amassed a net worth of more than $13 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. She made this multimillion net worth from a career as an economist. 
  7. If the economist is appointed the treasury secretary, she will earn a salary of $219,200 annually
  8. She has served in a government position before and was the chair of the Federal Reserve but was fired by POTUS Trump as he believed she was too short to be effective as she stands at a height of 5 feet. 
  9. In addition to this, she is an author and columnist who has written books and articles on the economy. 
  10. She specializes in the 2007-2008 real estate housing crash. 

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