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Janine Hansen

Janine Hansen

Janine Hansen is a 63-year-old American female politician who is running as a candidate in the upcoming election representing Nevada’s Congressional 2nd District. She is on the general election happening on November 03, 2020.

She was also a candidate in the election of 2016 for district 19th District of Nevada State. She also was a candidate in 2014’s election for Congressional 2nd district of Nevada. She is from the Independent American Party and running in the election from the same party. Some of the issues that she is endorsing are freedom for Nevada families and solving issues that other parties does not. 

Name Janine Hansen
Birthday October 31
Age 68
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 6 in
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Politician
Married/Single Married
Children 4
Education Bringham Young University

10 Facts On Janine Hansen

  1. Janine Hansen is 68 years old American female politician who is a candidate for the upcoming election. She was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada.
  2. Janine is part of the Independent American Party who she is representing in this election. Her religious beliefs are not disclosed.
  3. The family background of Janine is not disclosed but she certainty belongs to the educated parents who were native of Nevada.
  4. Janine has always been and worked in politics. She worked as a Citizen advocate at the Nevada Legislature, Executive Director of the Independent American Party, State President of Nevada Families for Freedom, and a lot more. Janine has won many honorable awards because of her work in the field of politics.
  5. There is no information about Janine’s net worth on the internet but given the fact that she has been working in the field for so long, she assumably has earned fortune to live a good life.
  6. Janine is married but her husband’s name is not disclosed. She has four children and has sixteen grandchildren from her kids
  7. As for her education, Janine got her bachelor’s degree from Bringham Young University in the year 1976 with a major in Science degree in Child and Family elations.
  8. Janine believes that the constitutions and liberties of the citizens are under. She started the independent American party to solve those issues alongside the issues of the people of Nevada.
  9. Janine is not on any social media to endorse her campaign. The only information available about her is on her website.
  10. More information about Janine campaigns and elections can be found on the website of Balltopia which provides the candidate’s information.

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