Jasminabae Boyfriend, Age And Instagram: Twitch Drama Explained

Jasminabae Boyfriend, Age And Instagram: Twitch Drama Explained

Jasminabae Boyfriend, Age And Instagram: Twitch Drama Explained

Jasminabae, a famous Twitch Streamer came into the limelight after the Twitch Drama that held in June 2020. In this article, we will be discussing in detail what the drama was about, so read stay with us till the end.

Jasminabae is a professional streamer and she’s known for her regular streams on Twitch. Not only that, she’s a gamer as well. She plays Valorant. The Twitch star was surrounded by controversies around June 2020 when she made allegations about sexual harassment.

How Old Is Jasminabae? Instagram And Boyfriend Revealed

Jasminabae whose real name is Jasmina seems to be in her early 20s however she hasn’t mentioned her age anywhere in the media. However, unlike other twitch streamers, she has already revealed her face. 

Talking about her Instagram, it was been deleted soon after the Drama that she became part of. Similarly, her Twitter handle @jasminabae is also protected, and only approved followers can see her tweets.

Moreover, Jasminabae dated a pro player of the league of legends, but the couple parted their ways as her boyfriend found out that she was cheating on him. Also, she lost most of her friends from the league of legends community after she was dumped by her boyfriend.

Jasminabae Twitch Drama Explained

Basically, Jasminabae created a drama on Twitch after she talked about herself getting raped by one of her viewers. She also stated in her Twitlonger that she did not invite the viewer at any point.

However, according to Reddit, the guy she accused came back with a 55-page google docs text and pictures trying to prove that Jasminabae came to him over and over again and he also mentioned that they had multiple oral sex but just one time PIV sex which is when Jasminabae accused it to be a rape. 

There were many controversies about this case and many of her fans and some media claimed that it seemed like a false rape case. As of now, we don’t have much information about the case, thus cannot acclaim it to be fake or true. 

Jasminabae Net Worth And Earnings Explored

Jasminabae has 46.7k followers on her Twitch account so she probably earns a good sum of money from the streaming platform however her exact net worth and earnings are not available in the media as of now.

As she has decided gaming as her career, we are sure she will have good earnings to support her livelihood. 

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