Jason Payne Wikipedia – Where Is Nichole Payne Murderer Now?

Jason Payne Wikipedia – Where Is Nichole Payne Murderer Now?

Jason Payne Wikipedia – Where Is Nichole Payne Murderer Now?

Jason Payne was convicted as Nichole Payne murderer. See if he is on Wikipedia or not. Know where he is now and case update. 

Jason is a convicted murderer. He was found guilty of the murder of his wife Nichole and stepson Taylor.

Jason Payne Wikipedia

Jason Payne is not on Wikipedia.

Also, Payne’s story has not been included on a Wikipedia page as of now.

On the other hand, Dateline’s House of Horrors has covered his story. The Friday, July 9 episode of the NBC show will update the murder he committed more than a decade ago.

Remington and Jackson shared the actual incident that occurred at their home in 2007. They are the children of Jason’s wife, Nichole. It is the first time they are revealing it publicly.

Jason Payne – Nichole Payne Murderer

Jason Payne was found to be Nichole Payne’s murderer.

He was convicted of the murder of Nichole and her son Taylor Wages. Taylor was Nichole’s son from her previous marriage.

Payne was sentenced to life in prison without parole. But he underwent a new trial after the conviction was overturned in 2013.

Jason had called the police in December 2007 to investigate the dead bodies of his wife and stepson.

The police said it looked like murder and suicide committed by Wages at first glance. But it was found too unconvincing to be true.

Jason Payne Now – Is He In Jail?

Jason Payne is now in jail, serving a life sentence.

Payne was transferred to a state prison in 2016. Before that, he was kept at the Wood County jail.

In 2013 Jason was released from prison for a while. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals had reversed his conviction due to lack of evidence. But he was found guilty again in 2016.

Besides, there is a website on the internet that claims Jason was convicted wrongfully. It says he is serving prison for a crime he did not commit.

Payne Age and Family

Jason Payne’s age is over 40 years old.

But his exact birth date is confidential as of now. Payne is from East Texas.

Besides, Jason was born to his mother, Jewel Payne.

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