Jauncydev Tiktok Age Height And Instagram Bio

Who is Jauncydev Tiktok? Age Height And Instagram

Who is Jauncydev Tiktok? Age Height And Instagram

TikTok star Jauncydev has been gaining lots of fame for his TikTok videos. Learn about the age and height of the internet star.

Jauncydev is a popular Canadian social media personality who has been gaining lots of fam-following for his short and funny skits. 

Many compilations of his videos can be found all over Youtube but not on his own channel.

His fans and followers are quickly rising him to a celebrity level of popularity.

Jauncydev TikTok

Jaunceydev’s TikTok @jaunceydev has over 559.3k followers with more than a total of 17.7 million likes so far. 

His funny POV skits are well-liked by his viewers. 


If dog breeds were people

♬ original sound – jonny devaney

Similarly, he also has a Youtube channel that is comparatively less popular and active with 254 subscribers.

Jauncydev Age and Height

According to famousbirthdays, Jauncydev’s age is 25 years old and his birthday falls on February 26.

He was born in the year 1996 in Canada. We have no information on Jaunceydev’s height.

A short bio was given on his famousbirthdays profile where Jauncydev’s real name was revealed to be Jonny Devaney

Jaunceydev has not been featured on Wikiped but has an article about him on other sites. 

Who is Jauncydev’s Girlfriend? Family

There is no information on Jauncydev’s girlfriend yet. 

Likewise, there has also been no news or rumors about the TikTok star having been involved with anyone so far.

The internet personality also has no posts on his Instagram related to her love life till now, so he is most likely single at the moment.

Jonny has a really loving family.

The name of his mother is Gayle Pisco Devaney and his sister’s name is Amanda Devaney

Her sister has a boyfriend/husband, Kelly Tranmer who is really close to him and his family. He also has a really cute pet dog. 

Meet Jauncydev on Instagram 

Jauncydev is available and active on Instagram @jauncydev. The content creator has 7,948 followers

The said man has shared several pictures of him and his family with most of his pots being with his fluffy pet dog. 


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