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Jaybee Sebastian Family: How Did Jaybee Sebastian Died?

Jaybee Sebastian Family: How Did Jaybee Sebastian Died?

Jaybee Sebastian was a high profile inmate. He was doing his time in New Bilibad Prison in Muntinlupa Philippines. The inmate was initially convicted for KIdnap-for-ransom and carjacking. He was arrested in 2009. 

Afterward, he was known for running the prison and was involved in the illegal drug trade within the prison. However, he was reported dead yesterday inside the prison. He was tested positive with COVID19. 

Name Jaybee Sebastian
Age 40 years (Died on July 18, 2020)
Gender Male
Nationality FIlipino
Ethnicity Filipino

10 Facts on Jaybee Sebastian

  1. Jaybee Sebastian is a high profile inmate who was doing his time in New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, Philippines. He was inside the prison for around 11 years. 
  2. However, there aren’t many facts known about his wife and family. We are keeping tabs on his family and wife and will update you once the information is available. 
  3. As of July 18, 2020, he was reported dead. He died within the jail and the cause of death is assumed to be COVID19. 
  4. Likewise, he has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography as well. After all, he was popular infamously. 
  5. There have been a lot of talks about his case of COVID19. The worldwide pandemic is killing people every day and it’s better to know that the patients get the best health care in spite of their past deeds. 
  6. Jaybee was initially arrested for kidnap-on-ransom case. He was also involved in the carjacking. 
  7. After going into the prison, he started running the prison by himself and got involved in the illegal drug trade. 
  8. Moreover, he was diagnosed with COVID 19 and probably died because of the same virus. 
  9. There are a lot of heartfelt condolences circulating to his friends and family from the people. However, his family is still to come out and talk about this tragedy. 
  10. Furthermore, Sebastian was Filipino. He was just around 40 years old when he died. May his soul rest in peace. 

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