Jazzy Golfer Real Name, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram 2019

Who is Jazzy Golfer? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Jazzy Golfer? Meet Her On Instagram

Jazzy Golfer Real Name: What is the Golfer’s real name? Stay with the article to find it out.

Jazzy Golfer is a British Golfer and the ambassador of the British Junior Golf Tour. Jazzy began taking up golf in 2017 and calls herself a very amateur golfer. She has already built a loyal and passionate fanbase. Jazzy is an advocate of women’s games and a member of the R&A Women in Golf Charter’s panel.

Jazzy Golfer Real Name Revealed

Jazzy Golfer’s real name is Jasmine.

Jazzy first got introduced to golf while she was in Monte Rei, Portugal, on a family vacation. She was bored of just driving around in the buggy and decided to play golf.

Jazzy Golfer actively played sports since a very young age, especially hockey.

Jazzy Golfer Age And Wiki

Jazzy Golfer’s age might be in the late 20s.

One can read about Jazzy Golfer, her bio, and career details on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. Jazzy’s nationality is British.

Jazzy works with many golfing institutions, local associations, and brands to expand the attraction of golf. Jazzy influences many young women to take up golf.

Quick Facts:

Name Jazzy Golfer (Jasmine)
Age 27-29
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Golfer
Divorce Goldsmiths, University of London
Education Goldsmiths, University of London
Instagram @thejazzygolfer
Twitter @thejazzygolfer
Facebook @thejazzygolfer


Some Fun Facts About Jazzy Golfer 

  1. Jazzy Golfer is active on Instagram with more than 49.2k followers and 657 posts. Jasmine mostly posts pictures related to golf and her games on the Instagram account.
  2. She went to Goldsmiths, University of London, where she studied BA (Hons) in the field of Economics. Jasmine graduated from college in 2015.
  3. The net worth details of Jazzy Golfer are still under review. Jazzy hardly talks about the details of her salary and earnings to the media.
  4. According to her LinkedIn profile, Jazzy is a presenter, social media influencer, and women’s golf advocate in London, United Kingdom.
  5. Jazzy Golfer makes many appearances on ‘The Cut,’ a popular BBC Golf podcast. She is also a presenter at Gary Player Invitational, where he interviews the stars of the game.

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