Jeff Doucet Shooting Video And Assassination

Jeff Doucet Shooting Video And Assassination – Where Is Gary Plauche Son Now?

Jeff Doucet Shooting Video And Assassination – Where Is Gary Plauche Son Now?

Gary Plauche shot Jeff Doucet in the airport and the shooting video of the assassination went viral on Youtube. Where is Gary Plauche’s son now? Read the article to know everything. 

Back in 1984, a father fatally shot a man who had reportedly kidnapped and raped his son.

Plauche was sentenced to five years probation but did not serve jail time as a result of the shooting. He maintained his actions were the natural response of a father who believed his son had been violated.

Gary Plauche died in October 2014. Before his death, Plauché gave one last interview, where he stated that he did not regret killing Doucet and would do so again. 

Jeff Doucet Shooting Video And Assassination: What Happened?

Jeff Plauche caught the attention of the media after he shot and killed the karate instructor at the Baton Rouge airport in 1984. The man, Jeffrey Doucet, was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting Jody Plauche, Jeff’s son.

Jeff was given a seven-year suspended sentence with five years’ probation and 300 hours of community service instead of a murder charge. He didn’t even have to do any jail time.

Nonetheless, the case received wide publicity because some people questioned whether Plauché should have been charged with murder or let off. 

Moreover, Plauché was friends with several high-ranking police officers in the Baton Rouge Police Department. While many people believed that these contact told Plauche about the whereabouts of Doucet, it was later revealed that it was in fact an employee of the local ABC affiliate WBRZ-TV who gave Plauché the information

Furthermore, Plauché waited in the airport terminal near television crews on a payphone as all the reporters waited for the kidnapper to land. He was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses so that no one would recognize him and he could successfully go on with his agenda.

As per the video, Plauché took out his gun and fired a single shot, directly to Doucet’s head. Further in the video, Plauché can be seen firing the shot before he is restrained by officers who removed the gun from his hand and arrested him.

Many of the police on the scene instantly recognized the shooter as the victim’s father and can be heard asking “Gary, why? Why, Gary?”

Likewise, the entire incident was captured on ENG videotape.

Where Is Gary Plauche Son Now?

The exact location of Gary Plauche’s son is nowhere to be found.

Jody Plauché went to Louisiana State University (LSU) to get a general studies degree with minors in philosophy, speech communication, and psychology. 

However, Jody is now using the memories of his past in order to help keep other kids safe. He wrote a book named “Why Gary Why?”. The book provides a detailed account of the events from 35 years ago and tells what parents can do to protect their children.

Plauché was age 10 when he started taking karate lessons from Doucet, who became, in the young boy’s mind, his best friend.

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