Jeff Hussey Net Worth, Wikipedia, Wife And Family: 10 Facts To Know

Jeff Hussey Net Worth, Wikipedia, Wife And 10 Facts To Know

Jeff Hussey Net Worth, Wikipedia, Wife And 10 Facts To Know

Jeff Hussey is an American tech businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known for being the founder and the CEO of the application delivering networking company, F5 Networks. 

On February 26, 1996, Jeff Hussey founded the company with a vision that the internet will become the future of technology. And unsurprisingly, it turned out to be exactly likewise. However, the founder cut ties and sold all of his shares of F5 networks in 2004. 

Quick Facts: Jeff Hussey Net Worth, Wikipedia, Wife And 10 Facts To Know

Name Jeff Hussey
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Married

However, early retirement was never an option for him. So, he co-founded another company called Tempered Networks in 2014. The company specializes in network security and urges to provide a secure network connection. 

Besides, Jeff Hussey is also a philanthropist who longs to make a positive impact in the world. Get to know him better here. 

10 Facts on Jeff Hussey

  1. Jeff Hussey is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of the network security company, Tempered Networks. 
  2. Over the years, Jeff Hussey has amassed millions of dollars of net worth. The exact figures still remain under the shade though. 
  3. Despite his revolutionary role in Internet Security, Jeff Hussey doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of his own until now. 
  4. Moreover, Jeff Hussey is a married man. He was spotted once or twice on vacation with his wife. 
  5. However, nothing much is known about him having children. Jeff Hussey, however, prefers to keep his family out of the focus. 
  6. In 1996, Jeff had a vision that the internet would take over one day. 
  7. Hence, he started his business through F5 Networks. The company was exclusively based on Application Networking. It has over $200 million market value at the moment. 
  8. Jeff Hussey is not that old in age. He was just a graduate when he began his start-up in 1996. 
  9. Speaking of his education, Jeff has BA in Finance from the University of Washington. 
  10. His current salary as the CEO of Tampered Networks remains under review though. 

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