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Jenelle Potter Wikipedia: Where Is She Now? Update 2021

Jenelle Potter Wikipedia: Where Is She Now? Update 2021

Jenelle Potter Wikipedia details are making people want to know more about her. Stay with the article to find out more.

Jenelle Potter is the woman who was part of the Facebook hoax that turned into a double homicide. Potter got arrested for the murder of Billie Jean Hayworth and Billy Payne. The murders were a result of catfishing, jealousy, love, and cyber-bullying.

Quick Facts:

Name Jenelle Potter
Age 40 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Marvin Potter, Barbara Potter
Siblings Christie Groover

Jenelle Potter Wikipedia Explored

Jenelle Potter is not on Wikipedia.

Jenelle is a who lived in Mountain City, Tennesse, USA. One can read about Potter on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. Potter’s sister is Christie Groover and she broke ties with the family more than a decade ago, reports ABC News.

Jenelle always had poor health and suffered from a learning disability and diabetes. Jenelle Potter is not active on any form of social media including Instagram.

Jenelle Potter’s Parents And Documentary Detailed Unveiled

Jenelle Potter’s parents are Marvin Potter and Barbara Potter.

Potter’s parents were always overprotective and she lived a very sheltered life. Jenelle was not allowed to go out late, drive, and have boyfriends. When Potter was 34, she became friends with Tracy Greenwell and ended up dating Tracy’s cousin, Jamie Curd. Jenelle kept her relationship with Jamie secret from Marvin and Barbara.

The 20/20 documentary’s #Unfriended episode was about Jenelle Potter and her arrest. The episode aired on October 9, 2015.

Where is Jenelle Potter now? 

Jenelle Potter was sentenced to jail for first-degree murder.

Jenelle and Barbara Potter were sentenced to two life terms in 2015. The judge declined Jenelle Potter and Barbara Potter’s request for a new trial in 2016, reports The Cinemaholic.

At present, Jenelle Potter is at the Tennessee Prison for Women serving two life terms. Jenelle’s eligibility for parole is in 2072. Jenelle’s mother, Barbara is also at the Tennessee Prison for Women. Her father, Marvin is at Whiteville Correctional Facility serving two life sentences. Marvin’s parole eligibility will be in 2132.

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