Jenna Ellis Husband, Age, Wikipedia: Trump Legal Advisor

Jenna Ellis Husband, Age, Wikipedia: Trump Legal Advisor

Jenna Ellis Husband, Age, Wikipedia: Trump Legal Advisor

Jenna Ellis is Trump’s legal advisor for the Presidential Campaign 2020. Know more about her age, family, net worth, and education here.

Jenna Ellis is an American constitutional law attorney who also works as the legal advisor for President Trump at his 2020 campaign. Moreover, she also works as a contributor to the Beltway Confidential Blog. 

Besides, she is a radio host and also an author. She has published a book named “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution: A Guide for Christians to Understand America’s Constitutional Crisis Profiles.”

Before working as a senior advisor she has worked in the communication department of the president’s 2020 campaign. She was a member of the media advisory board to handle Tv and radio surrogates. But  In November 2019, President Trump appointed her as the senior legal advisor for his 2020 campaign. 

Jenna Ellis Age, Birthday and Wikipedia

Jenna is a private woman when it comes to her personal life. She hasn’t revealed many details about herself. She likes to work keeping a low-profile and she has been very successful in doing that. 

Hence, it is not a surprise that she hasn’t disclosed the facts about her age and birthday. But she seems to be around 30 years old. Since there isn’t much personal information about her, no one has dedicated her to a Wikipedia biography.

Jenna Ellis: Husband and Family

What we do know about her is that she is married. She tied the marital knots with David Rives. Rives is an author, researcher, presenter, and Tv host. Just like her, he has also written books like “Dying For a Smoke”, “Walk Yourself Thin”, “The Discontented Rabbit” and many more. 

Moreover, David is the founder of Moon River Publishing. Besides, he is also a cell biologist. Through that, he has created a show called David Rives Ministries. The show describes the spiritual form of life, based on Christianity and the Bible. 

The couple engaged with each other in April 2019. After a few months, they were up and ready for sharing vows of the holy matrimony. They really make a sweet couple and have a lot in common along with the faith of God. 

As for her parents and siblings, that part of her family is still unknown to us. She has kept things about her within herself and there’s nothing that can be done about that. One must respect one’s privacy after all. 

Jenna Ellis: Education and Achievement

She must have achieved a lot for sure. I mean, no one who hasn’t prove themselves get to be the legal advisor to Trump’s campaign. Jenna has achieved a lot in a short period of time. 

Ellis did her BA in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University. Likewise, she went and received a JD (Doctor of Law) from the University of  Richmond School of Law.

As a result, she started working as a professor at Colorado University where she teaches constitutional law. She has a license for Federal practice has represented the US Department of the State and Department of the Navy before.

Apart from these, she is a true believer of Christianity. She also teaches bible ethics at Colorado Christian University. Just like her husband, she follows the Christianity religion. 

As for her achievement, she has established a scholarship named as “Jenna Lynn Ellis” scholarship. The one-time scholarship can be granted to a junior or a senior who wants to study law with a GPA of more than 3.33. 

Hence, it is not a surprise that Trump chose one of the best in business as his legal advisor. She has done a pretty decent job until now. With the date of the elections approaching, she is very busy at the moment. 

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