Jenna Owens Salary, Net Worth & Earnings: GameStop CEO Wikipedia

Jenna Owens Salary And Net Worth: How Much Does GameStop CEO Make?

Jenna Owens Salary And Net Worth: How Much Does GameStop CEO Make?

Wanna grasp information about GameStop CEO, Jenna Owens salary, and Net worth?

Jenna Owens is an American personality who is notable for being Amazon’s director. Most importantly, Jenna Owens works as a Multidisciplinary executive with expertise in developing digital transformation programs.

Moreover, she has more than 4 years of experience as a Full-time director, GM, Distribution, and Multi-channel Fulfillment at Amazon. Currently, she is assigned as GameStop COO.

Jenna Owens Net Worth and Salary

The actual figure regarding Jenna Owens net worth is still missing on the Web. There is no information related to her actual sum of money as of March 2021.

With this figure, we can assume she is quite wealthy with great fortune and a luxurious lifestyle.

Well, as a GameStop CEO, Jenna Owens must have a well-established salary and earnings. However, the actual salary and earnings are yet to come to light, unfortunately. We’re keeping an eye on uploading this tab once it’s available.

GameStop CEO Jenna Owens Wikipedia Explored

Jenna Owens Wikipedia is still behind the curtain on the Internet. 

Despite being an eminent TV personality, we’re yet to perceive Jenna Owens Wikipedia page. But, we can find her information through some other Web portals.

Quick Facts:

Name Jenna Owens
Gender Female
Nationality American

Some Interesting Facts About Jenna Owens 

  1. We can find Jenna Owens on Linkedin with more than 500 connections. 
  2. Jenna Owens will be stepping on a new journey in her successful career. In fact, Amazon’s former fulfillment director will be stepping as GameStop’s new CEO, claims INSIDER
  3. As per her Linkedin account, we’re aware that she has experience in many top companies like McKinsey & Company, Google, and so on.
  4. Moving on, the details about Jenna’s family is still out of sight thus far.
  5. Talking about Jenna’s marital status, we’re quite unsure about her husband or relationships. Thus, her marital status is still questionable.

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