Jennifer Cruz Cole Age, Wikipedia And Instagram: How Old?

Where is Jennifer Cruz Cole Now? Sean Buckley Ex-Girlfriend Update

Where is Jennifer Cruz Cole Now? Sean Buckley Ex-Girlfriend Update

Jennifer Cruz Cole Age and Net Worth have piqued the public interest. Everything about the model is explained here.

Cole is a well-known bikini model based in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to this, she claims to be working as a surgery nurse when she is not modeling.

She has been in the highlights following the controversial break-up case with her ex-boyfriend, Sean Buckley.

In fact, a “Bart Simpson defense” has been raised against Jeniffer and the Ultra Tube Founder, Sean Buckley reported The Australian.

Jennifer Cruz Cole Age And Wikipedia

Jennifer Cruz Cole’s age is 33 years currently.

As per the source, she was born in the year 1987, and her birthday is celebrated on 14th May every year.

So, this means that the lady will be celebrating her 34th birthday after 2 days.

Miss Cole’s Wikipedia bio is yet to publish.

However, one can gain a brief insight into her bio through this article.

Similarly, her birth took place in Vancouver, Canada, so she holds Canadian nationality.

In addition, Jeniffer is also a registered nurse as she holds a graduate degree in nursing. In fact, she is an elective surgery nurse.

However, she claims that her interest is more in the cosmetic sector of medicine.

Likewise, speaking of her family, Jeniffer has a 2 years old daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Sean Buckley.

Her Net Worth Explored

Jennifer Cruz Cole’s net worth is expected to be in the millions.

But, if we are to be precise about the exact figure on her net worth, then, unfortunately, the details are off the record.

Nonetheless, we are confident that the model has been living an opulent life out f her lucrative modeling career.

Is The Model On Instagram?

Yes, Jennifer Cole is available on Instagram under the handle @missjen_cole.

The model has 5.3k followers on her handle.

However, she has maintained privacy on her Instagram account, and to see her posts, one must send her a follow request.

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