Jennifer Mcdermed Meteorologist Age, Fox9 Wikipedia, Husband And Salary

Jennifer Mcdermed Wiki And Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Jennifer Mcdermed Wiki And Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Jennifer Mcdermed the meteorologist has been a popular face on Fox 9 for years now. Lets learn about her.

Jennifer is an American meteorologist. She works as a weather forecaster for Fox 9 KMSP News Team.

Jennifer Mcdermed Meteorologist

Jennifer Mcdermed is a meteorologist for about a decade.

Mcdermed possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology. She earned it at St. Louis University in May 2013.

Jennifer is a specialist when it comes to tracking tornados. She is known for tracking the number of tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

In fact, the EF-4 tornado close to Lyon, Kansas, is the biggest tornado she ever tracked. She did it in 2012.

Mcdermed developed an immense interest in meteorology since her days in Kindergarten.

She reportedly drew a tornado with cows flying into it in her school. She says she has always aimed to be a meteorologist since her young age.

Jennifer Mcdermed Meteorologist Age: Her Family

Jennifer Mcdermed’s age is 29 years old.

She will turn 30 on the 8th of August. The meteorologist was born and raised in Atchison, Kansas.

Mcdermed was born to her father, Kevin.

However, her mother’s details are unknown. Besides, she was raised with two siblings, a brother and a sister. Mark and Lauren are her siblings.

Jennifer Mcdermed Wikipedia: Fox 9 and the Video

Jennifer does not have a Wikipedia bio as of now.

Mcdermed started her television career with KQTV in St. Joseph as soon as she graduated.

Then, she started working for the weather team in WHO-TV 13. After a couple of years, Jennifer joined KMBC as a meteorologist. 

Jennifer joined Fox 9 in the January of 2018. Currently, she presents weather updates as a weather forecaster in the TV network.

Mcdermed was left with laughter as swirly versions of her appeared in her broadcasting video on Tuesday.

Jennifer Wedding: Who Is Her Husband?

Jennifer Mcdermed does not seem to have a husband as of now.

However, she is dating a guy named Giovanni Minelli.

Certain rumors were born on the social media of her wedding. However, nothing has been revealed officially as of now.

See Her Salary & Net Worth

Jennifer reportedly has a salary of $50 thousand annually at Fox 9.

Mcdermed’s net worth has not been revealed in figures yet.

It has been a while since she entered the TV industry. Also, she has a great future awaiting her.

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