Jenny Mcgee Age Wikipedia Husband And Salary: Boris Johnson Nurse

Who Is Boris Johnson Nurse? Why Did She Resign? Meet Jenny Mcgee

Who Is Boris Johnson Nurse? Why Did She Resign? Meet Jenny Mcgee

Who Is Jenny Mcgee? She is a nurse who took care of Boris Johnson when he suffered COVID-19. Lets learn about her as she resigns from NHS on Tuesday. 

Jenny is an ICU nurse. She was awake for 48 hours beside the UK Prime Minister’s bed when he was ill.

Who Is Jenny Mcgee? Boris Johnson Nurse Resigns

Jenny Mcgee was Boris Johnson’s nurse.

Actually, she was with Boris taking care of him when Boris was ill with coronavirus. In fact, she remained awake all the time besides his bed in intensive care.

However, Mcgnee resigned from her role on Tuesday. She says the lack of respect shown by the government for the NHS and healthcare workers is the key reason for her resignation. 

Jenny said the frontline workers are not getting the respect they deserve as she hands in her resignation. In addition, she accused the government of not paying the healthcare workers as much as they deserve.

Mcgee put out her words in a documentary; The Year Britain Stopped for Channel 4. The show will primarily focus on the coronavirus pandemic in England.

Jenny Mcgee Wikipedia: Her Salary

Jenny Mcgee does not have a Wikipedia bio of her own.

Mcgee works at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She serves as a lead nurse for intensive care. Besides, she said she hopes to return to the NHS in the future as she resigned on Tuesday.

In fact, Mcgee is originally from Invercargill, New Zealand. Her resignation statement said she is about to start a nursing contract in the Caribbean.

In addition, she will have a holiday in her home in New Zealand at the end of the year.

Mcgee’s salary detail is not available. In fact, the average intensive care nurses in London earn around £30 thousand per year.

Many have criticized the government’s proposal to increase the salary of NHS Staff by just 1%.

Who is Jenny Mcgee Husband? Her Age

There is no information regarding Jenny’s husband.

Also, it is still a mystery whether she is married or not.

Jenny Mcgee’s age is 36 years old. 

Mcgee graduated from Verdon College in her hometown, Invercargill. She reportedly came to England in 2002 in pursuit of a career as a nurse.

Mike and Caroline McGee are Jenny’s parents. They live in Invercargill. Also, she has a brother named Rob.

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