Jeremias Amoore Age Height, Girlfriend And Wikipedia

Jeremias Amoore Age And Wikipedia: Get To Know Zero Chill Actor

Jeremias Amoore Age And Wikipedia: Get To Know Zero Chill Actor

Zero Chill: Jeremias Amoore Age Height Wikipedia Instagram: How old is the actor? Stay with the article to find out more

Jeremias Amoore is an actor and director who is playing Bear Stelzer in Netlix’s Zero Chill. Jeremias is known for The Start-Up (2021), In the Case of Lily (2021), and he has more than 10 acting credits on his IMDb profile.

Zero Chill: Jeremias Amoore Age And Height Revealed

Jeremias Amoore age is 25 years.

Amoore was born on October 11, 1995. Jeremias was born and raised in Essex, England, and his nationality is English. Amoore is of mixed ethnicity. Jeremias Amoore’s parents had four children and Jeremias is the eldest of them all.

Jeremias is playing a teenager in Netflix’s Zero Chill. Amoore is the oldest cast member in  Zero Chill who is playing a teenager. It seems like Jeremias has managed to pull off the looks for playing a teenager.

Meet Jeremias Amoore on Instagram

Jeremias Amoore is active on Instagram under the username jeremiasamoore.

Amoore has 1,018 followers and 42 posts on his Instagram account as of March 2021. Jeremias’s first Instagram post was in Southend-on-Sea, England, on July 2, 2018.

Jeremias did an American accent for Upshot Reels, which he uploaded on March 14, 2021, on his Instagram account.

Quick Facts:

Name Jeremias Amoore
Birthday October 11, 1995
Age 25 years
Gender Male
Nationality English
Profession Actor
Education East 15 Acting School
Instagram @jeremiasamoore

Some Fun Facts About Jeremias Amoore 

  1. Amoore is dating a beautiful lady, and he uploads pictures with her on his Instagram account. Jeremias Amoore is yet to reveal the name of his girlfriend.
  2. Jeremias Amoore is not on Wikipedia, but one can read about Jeremias on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.
  3. By the looks of Jeremias Amoore’s pictures, he seems to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  4. According to Backstage, Jeremias is skilled in Martial Arts, Boxing, Football, Drums, Percussion, and Stage Combat.
  5. Jeremias Amoore went to Identity School of Acting, London in 2017. Jeremias graduated with BA in Acting and Contemporary Theatre from the East 15 Acting School, Uri Roodner, London, in 2019. 

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