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Valerie Cearley Age: Meet Actor Jeremy Renner Mom

Valerie Cearley Age: Meet Actor Jeremy Renner Mom

Valerie Cearley is popular for being Jeremy Renner‘s mom but not much information is available about her. Talking about her son, Jeremy Renner is a world-famous actor who has appeared in popular shows like The Bourne Legacy, The Avengers, Wind River, The Hurt Locker, etc.

Quick Facts: Valerie Cearley Age: Meet Actor Jeremy Renner Mom

Name Valerie Cearley
Gender Female
Nationality American
Husband Lee Renner
Children Jeremy Renner, Kym Renner, and Clayton Renner
Divorce 1981
Instagram @val_cearley (private)

Everyone recognizes her son as he plays the popular Marvel character, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye in the MCU. Is she married? Currently, Valerie Cearley remains unmarried as she got divorced from her former husband when Jeremy was just 10 years old. 

10 Facts on Valerie Cearley:

  1. Valerie Cearley’s exact age is not known but her looks suggest that she is probably around 65 years to 70 years old.
  2. Well-known as Jeremy Renner‘s mom, Valerie Cearley was gifted a condo by her son so that all of the family members would be together. 
  3. As per Jeremy‘s Wikipedia, Valerie Cearley was previously married to Lee Renner
  4. Talking about Valerie Cearley’s former husband, Lee used to be the manager of the McHenry Bowl
  5. With nearly 103 followers, Valerie Cearley is available on Instagram under the username @val_cearley but the problem is that her account is private.
  6. Speaking more about Valerie’s family, she has not yet mentioned the names of her parents and siblings. However, we do know that she has a granddaughter whose name is Ava Berlin Renner
  7. Moreover, Cearley also has two other children apart from Jeremy. They are Kym Renner and Clayton Renner.
  8. As per Valerie’s bio, she is also recognized by the name of Valerie Tague. Previously, when she was married to Lee, she was often recognized as Valerie Renner too. 
  9. Since she is originally from Modesto, California, USA, her nationality is recognized to be American. However, we are still trying to find out her ethnicity.
  10. Back in the 2010 Oscars, her son Jeremy took her there as his date. 

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