Jeremy Sandle Mark Curry Husband Age, Wikipedia And Net Worth

Who Is Mark Curry Married To? Meet His Husband Jeremy Sandle

Who Is Mark Curry Married To? Meet His Husband Jeremy Sandle

Jeremy Sandle and husband Mark Curry have been married for a long time now. Know Sandle’s Age Wikipedia And Net Worth from here.

Jeremy Sandle is a Chartered Surveyor. He is the husband and longtime partner of famous TV presenter, Mark Curry.

The couple married in the September of the year 2008. They are very open about their civil partnership. Here’s what we know about Sandle.

Jeremy Sandle: Mark Curry Husband

Jeremy Sandle and Mark Curry married in the year 2008.

The couple wedded in the month of September in a gay civil ceremony. They were introduced on a blind date.

Professionally, Sandle is an experienced Chartered Surveyor, who assesses properties for defects, future issues, or problems.

He has over forty years of experience working in the field.

Jeremy Sandle was not always gay. He was married to his ex-wife for more than 16 years before Curry came into his life.

Sandle’s ex-wife is Susan Sandle and is a father to two daughters Emma and Kate Sandle.

For now, Mark Curry’s husband, Jeremy Sandle is a partner at the firm Viva Mijas and The Nightangles State.

Jeremy Sandle Age

Jeremy Sandle’s age is 65 years old as of May 2021.

However, we do not know his birthday and astrological details.

His age is calculated believing the fact that in the year 2008 he was 52 years old during his wedding with Mark Curry.

Sandle is active on the Twitter platform with the username “@Vivamija”. He has 48 followers for now.

Jeremy Sandle Net Worth

Jeremy Sandle’s net worth is not public.

However, Sandle is a professional financier and marketer, without a doubt he has earned good fortune from his long-time career.

According to glassdoor, the average base salary of a Chartered Surveyor is £45,734 per year.

Similarly, his house in Mijas which bought as a second home creates a whooping regular income for him.



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