Jeroen Weimar Accent And Wikipedia

Jeroen Weimar Accent – Is He originally From Australia?

Jeroen Weimar Accent – Is He originally From Australia?

Covid-19 Testing Commander Jeroen Weimar’s Accent seems to be Australian. But Is he really an Australian? Learn more below in this article. 

Jeroen Weimar is an Australian Deputy Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Service. He is currently known as the Victoria covid case as a chief testing officer. 

Recently, in an interview, he said that Victoria is the fastest covid spreading state in Australia. And pointed out that the city shutdown is likely to extend. 

He has completed his MSc in Urban and Regional Planning from the London School of Economics and Political Science. And, after that, he started his career as a Senior Consultant at Accenture. Further, he worked as a senior economist at KPMG. 

Weimar also worked as COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Transport of London. And, he became the CEO of Public Transport Victoria in 2016. 

He was the CEO of VicRoads before he was appointed as deputy secretary at Department for Health and Human Service.

Jeroen Weimar Accent: Where Was He Born?

Jeroen Weimar was born and raised in Australia. So, when he talks, it reflects his Australian accent. 

Additionally, he belongs to Australian nationality. 

We are unknown about his actual age, but he was born in 1980 and is currently 40 years of age.

Having a lack of evidence of his birth details, we are unknown about his zodiac sign and also his ethnicity.

Jeroen Weimar Wikipedia

The official bio of Jeroen Weimar is yet to be uploaded on Wikipedia, even after being one of the famed personalities in Australia.

He started his working career as a consultant in Accenture and worked as an economist for the next five years of his life.

Since 2020, he has been working in the Department of Health and Human resources. Lately, he has been busy implementing all the measures to avoid covid outbreaks in the city. 

Know His Wife And Family

Jeroen Weimar is yet to disclose anything related to his wife. 

It seems that he is a tight-lipped person. So, it is hard to find information about his wife and children over the web. 

Some say that his wife is Dutch but, it is unclear whether his wife is Dutch or not.

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