Jerry Dunigan Wikipedia, Black Panther Pictures: Is He In Jail?

Who is original Black Panther Jerry Dunigan? Was He Released From Prison?

Who is original Black Panther Jerry Dunigan? Was He Released From Prison?

After his release from prison, many are curious about Jerry Dunigan and are searching for his Wikipedia, wife, and family. 

Jerry Dunigan is an original black panther of the Black Panther Party who was arrested in 1976.

The then, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover stated that the activities of the party were threats for the country, and called feeding black children; a form of infiltration.

Quick Facts:

Name Jerry Dunigan
Age 73 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Original member of Black Panther(disbanded)
Siblings 1 sister (living) and others unknown
Married/Single Married
Wife unknown (deceased)
Children 1 son and 2 daughters: Renatta Dunigan and others unknown

Jerry Dunigan Wikipedia

Jerry Dunigan’s Wikipedia has not been documented yet, however, many reports and articles about him have surged up after his release. 

Jerry Dunigan Family and Wife Updated

Talking about his family, Jerry Dunigan’s daughter Renatta Dunigan was anxiously waiting to meet her father after his release. She has posted 7-8 videos on her TikTok @renattadunigan2 from the time of the release of her father. 


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♬ original sound – Renatta Dunigan

From one of her videos, we came to learn that Jerry Dunigan’s wife is no more and he has only one sibling; a sister alive. Furthermore, aside from Renatta, he has another daughter and a son.

Furthermore, he has been warmly received by his family members. They have gotten him a haircut, to shopping and all he wishes to. 

Where is Jerry Dunigan now? Why was he arrested and was he released?

Jerry Dunigan was released from prison on April 2nd, 2021, last Friday after serving for 45 years. He was greeted by his daughter, Renatta, and went on to meet other members of his family.

The said man was arrested for being a member of the ‘Black Panther Party‘ a black power political organization formed by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton in 1966.

The organization used to fight for black people’s liberation and feed the less fortunate kids of the black community: Jerry was one of them. The party was disbanded in 1982 after most of the members were killed or sent to prison.

Many original black panthers are still serving in the prison even after almost half a century.


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