Jerry Rivera Wife Age, Wikipedia, Net Worth And Instagram

Seyla Rivera Age: Meet Jerry Rivera Wife On Instagram

Seyla Rivera Age: Meet Jerry Rivera Wife On Instagram

Seyla Rivera is married to the Peurto Rican singer, composer, and actor Jerry Rivera. Jerry Rivera posts many pictures with his elder daughter and other children while his wife is still under the covers.

We dug in a little bit to find out who Seyla Rivera is and found an Instagram handle which might be of the singer’s wife. Seyla Rivera seemingly uses the name Magaly Sotelo on her Instagram page. She praises the work of her husband and supports him through social media.

Quick Facts: Seyla Rivera Age: Meet Jerry Rivera Wife On Instagram

Name Seyla Rivera
Gender Female
Married/Single Married
Husband Jerry Rivera
Children Celina Rivera, Lizzie Rivera, Gerardo Rivera

10 Facts About Seyla Rivera

  1. Magaly Sotelo’s Instagram bio reads, ‘Happy to be a fan of the best Jerry Rivera.’ She has 697 followers on her Instagram page.
  2. There is no information on the age, birth date, and birthplace of Seyla Rivera.
  3. The net worth and occupation of Seyla Rivera are yet to be explored. However, the net worth of Jerry Rivera is $4 million. He is making decent money by conducting shows, composing music, and singing.
  4. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of Jerry Rivera and their children.
  5. Although she has not disclosed her height, her husband Jerry stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches.
  6. Seyla Rivera does not own a Wikipedia page, and she is not mentioned on the Wikipedia page of Jerry River either, and neither are the children.
  7. Seyla and Jerry Rivera share three children Celina Rivera, Lizzie Rivera, Gerardo Rivera. The couple frequently shares their pictures on social media.
  8. She is Peruvian by nationality. She shares pictures of Peru, the church and writes supportive messages to Peruvians on her Instagram.
  9. However, the Grammy-nominated singer Jerry Rivera does not share the picture of Seyla but reposts some of the pictures posted on her social media account.
  10. Judging from social media, she seems to live a happy life even though there is not much information on her life.

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