Jersey Trio TikTok Members, Merch and Tour Explained

Jersey Trio TikTok Members, Merch and Tour Explained

Jersey Trio TikTok Members, Merch and Tour Explained

Jersey Trio is a group of three TikTok creators who have a huge following on their joint TikTok account. They are basically what you get when you fuse the boyband concept with TikTok creators. They are young, attractive and especially famous among young girls.

Jersey Trio is composed of 3 members a that’s what Trio suggests. These guys all look somehow similar yet they also have small things that make them different. They generally get hundreds of thousands of views on their TikTok account and have been able to make a business out of that.

Jersey Trio boys have good management and advisors. That’s why one can understand their merch line and the success they have had at that. They are very clever and know that the attention showered to them can be used to make a lot of money and good for these boys they are creating an enterprise out of the Tiktok account.


wake up

♬ original sound – your fav trio

Jersey Trio TikTok Members

Jersey Trio is a TikTok group composed of three very young and handsome guys. They have been making videos on their Tiktok consistently and as a result, they have been able to garner a lot of fans.


♬ original sound – your fav trio

The three members of the group are Mattia Polibio, Alejandro Rosario, and Kairi Cosentino. Each of them has a Tiktok account of themselves where they update a video and they assembled like the Avengers some time ago and decided to form “Jersey Trio”.

An interesting fact is that the official account of Jersey Trio follows only 3 accounts on TikTok and that’s the individual accounts of the members of the group.

Mattia has 5.6 million followers on his TikTok account. He is just 17 years old and is very passionate about making videos on TikTok as well as Instagram.

Alejandro Rosario was born on 14 January 2003. He is 17 years old and also has a lot of TikTok followers. Rosario has 5.4 million fans and is seen lip-syncing and dancing on his personal TikTok as well as The Jersey Trio Tiktok account.

Born on 8 February,  Kairi Cosentino is another member of Jersey Trio who has 2 million followers on his TikTok account. He also makes lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok.

Jersey Trio Merch And Tour Explained

Jersey Trio has a merch as well. They have a combined fan following of about 12 million people if we add all of their followers. So, they are trying to set up a merchandise website where they can sell different things to their fans.

They have T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies available in different places on websites. Check out their merchandise items right here.

Jersey Trio is planning to do a tour across different cities across the USA in 2020. It’s not a concert tour but a typical meet and greets.  

If you want to catch these guys, be careful and comply with all the coronavirus lockdown measures imposed on the city where you will be meeting them. Check out the dates to see where they are stopping by.

Jersey Trio boys are really busy now. They are just in high school but have millions of fans, They have set up merchandise and even are embarking on a tour.

Jersey Trio Instagram

Alejandro Rosario has 1.5 million followers on his Instagram account. He uploads his pictures on the site most of the time. Kairi has 728 thousand followers on his account whereas Mattia has 1.3 million fans on his account.

They seem to get along properly and update cool pictures on Instagram.

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