Jessy Bunny Age Wikipedia Height Boyfriend And Instagram

Jessy Bunny Wikipedia Age: Meet Her On Instgaram

Jessy Bunny Wikipedia Age: Meet Her On Instgaram

Jessy Bunny from a young age was interested in dolls and toys. The Austria based model wants to be a real life barbie doll and has done much surgery to achieve her dreams.

Jessy is an Instagram Star who was born in Germany.

Her parents were strict, she used to play with her dolls, but her parents didn’t allow her.

After completing high school, Jessy went o Austria.

At age 18, she has done breast enlargement for $10,000.

Jessy also did another breast enlarge surgery in 2019 for another $10,000.

Her breast size is 1300cc K-cup.

According to a report, she has spent more than half-million on her surgeries.

Jessy Bunny Biography: Her Age and Height

Jessy Bunny’s age is 19/20 years.

She was born around 2001/2001, but her exact birthday is yet to be known.

Her height would be around 5 feet and 5 inches

Details about her family are yet to be known. They are kind of conservative, according to Jessy.

Her real name is Jessy.

Jessy Bunny Wikipedia: Find Her On Instagram

Jessy Bunny Wikipedia is not featured yet.

She is originally from German but currently lives in Austria.

Jessy gained world attention after she transformed her body.

She always used to play with dolls, but her parents wouldn’t let her.

After she moved out of the house and went to the city, Jessy discovered her feminine side.

She has done breast enlargement, Lips Filler, liposuction.

Her Instagram username is  @Jessy.bunny.official.2.

She has 2,567 followers with 10 posts. She posts her TikToks on her Instagram.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Jessy’s Net Worth is still under review.

Her net worth would be around $1 million.

She has spent many thousands of dollars to achieve her goal.

Jessy wants to be a real-life Barbie Doll.

She has spent around R600,000 to change her appearance.

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