Jim Dornan Wife, Son and Cause of Death

Dr Samina Dornan Age: Wikipedia Details On Jim Dornan Wife

Dr Samina Dornan Age: Wikipedia Details On Jim Dornan Wife

Dr Samina Dornan Age Who is Jim Dornan Wife? How old is she? Here’s all the information about Dr. Samina.

Dr. Samina Dornan Age has not been revealed yet. She seems to be in her forties.

Professionally, Dr. Samina is a gynecologist and an obstetrician. Moreover, she is widely known for her support of legalizing abortion in Northern Ireland. Currently, she serves as the Clinical Director of the Women Division at King’s College Hospital London – UAE

Meet Jim Dornan Wife Dr Samina Dornan

Dr. Samina Dornan is widely known for being Jim Dornan‘s wife. Her husband was also a Northern Irish obstetrician and gynecologist, just like her.

Jim‘s wife, Dr. Samina, has been servicing as the Head Of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at King’s College Hospital London-Dubai since February 2019. Previously, she used to work at Sidra Medicine as their senior consultant.

She has also worked at St. George’s hospital lndon and Royal Maternity Hospital as their consultant. She is specialized in prenatal counseling, Fetal Growth Restriction, and prenatal diagnosis.

Does Dr. Samina Have A Son?

To be clear, Dr. Samina Dornan doesn’t have a son. However, she is the step-mother of James Dornan, aka Jamie Dornan

Dr. Samina was actually the second wife of Jim Dornan, and the couples didn’t have any children together. Previously, her husband was married to Lorna, who died of cancer. With his first wife, he had a son and two other daughters – Liesa and Jessica.

Jim Dornan Cause Of Death Revealed

Dr. Samina Dornan’s husband, Jim Dornan’s cause of death has been revealed to be due to COVID-19 complications. Previously, he had also had chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Jim Dornan’s estimated net worth was $14 million, but his wife’s net worth is not known until now. In fact, we have no idea about her salary and earnings. Dr. Samina can be found on Instagram, where she is active as @drsaminadornan, and she has more than 800 followers.

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