Jo Eaton-Kent Age, Partner And Instagram Bio

Jo Eaton-Kent: Get To Know The Watch 2020 Actor

Jo Eaton-Kent: Get To Know The Watch 2020 Actor

Jo Eaton-Kent is a British actor, musician, composer, and talented drag artist. Jo identifies as a non-binary, which means Jo’s identity is genderqueer and is not exclusively masculine or feminine. Jo Eaton-Kent identifies as they or she.

Eaton-Kent made their debut with Don’t Forget The Driver, BBC’s Two series, in 2019. They went to the Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance, UK. Jo stars with big names such as Toby Jones, Claire Rushbrook, and Marcia Warren. Jo Eaton-Kent is also known for The Watch (2020). 

Quick Facts: Jo Eaton-Kent: Get To Know The Watch 2020 Actor

Name Jo Eaton-Kent
Gender non-binary
Height 6 feet
Nationality British
Profession Actor
Education Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance
Twitter @ReallyEatonKent

10 Facts You Should Know About Jo Eaton-Kent

  1. The exact age and date of birth of Jo Eaton-Kent are not known. By the looks of the pictures, they might be in their 20s.
  2. Jo Eaton-Kent appears as Constable Cheery in the TV series, The Watch. The show is inspired by Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel series, Discworld. The Watch premiered on January 3, 2021.
  3. Jo Eaton-Kent’s sexuality is identified as non-binary, which is a gender identity that cannot be labeled as completely male or female. Jo Eaton-Kent prefers the pronouns they or she.
  4. They have been active on Twitter since May 2018. Jo has 614 followers on the platform. They have over 1.7k tweets as of January 2021.
  5. Jo Eaton-Kent does not have an Instagram bio as they are not active on Instagram.
  6. How old tall is Jo Eaton-Kent? The exact height of the British actor has not been revealed. But they seem to be around 6 feet tall.
  7. Jo Eaton-Kent is very private about their dating life and has not revealed the name of their partner. It is unknown if they are dating anyone.
  8. The British actor does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to them. There are few Wiki-bio pages about Jo Eaton-Kent.
  9. Jo Eaton-Kent is a musician and composer who has worked as a pit musician in the production, West Side Story for National Youth Music Theatre.
  10. They are also a drag artist who performed in several stage productions such as Twelfth Night, Mermaids, and Assassins.

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