Joe Budden Patreon Reddit And Audio: What Did He Say?

Joe Budden Patreon Reddit Audio: What Did He Say?

Joe Budden Patreon Reddit Audio: What Did He Say?

Joe Budden Patreon Reddit and Audio: What Did He Say? He sparks controversy all over Twitter.

Joe Budden is an American TV personality and broadcaster. He is known for his popular podcast “The Joe Budden Show”. However, the show might come to an end surrounding the recent controversy. 

Joe Budden Patreon Reddit 

Joe Budden is active on Patreon and Reddit.

In 2018, Joe Budden officially launched his Patreon. He stated that he wanted to bring his exclusive content to his fans via his Patreon. Furthermore, even joined the Pateron company as a Creator Equity Advisor.

Joe Budden also has a Reddit under the name r/theJoeBuddenPodcast. He has amassed over 29.8k followers in the community. Recently, there is a lot of conversation about his latest drama. 

Joe Budden Audio: What Did He Say?

Apparently, Joe Budden ranted about his co-star on the audio. 

Joe used to run his Podcast, The Joe Budden Show, along with co-hosts Rory and Mal since 2015. However, for the last couple of months, Joe was in unseen beef with both Rory and Mal. In fact, Rory and Mal were even replaced by Joe’s other friends Ice and Ish on the show. 

Nevertheless, the former co-hosts came back in the episode “Shaking The Tree”. Yet, the tension between the friends was clearly visible. They subtly expressed their dissatisfaction with each other.

The drama finally went downhill on Wednesday. Budden posted a podcast episode just to diss on his former workers. Likewise, he even publically fired Roy from the show. However, Joe later deleted the audio.

Is Joe Budden Podcast getting Cancelled?

The Joe Budden Podcast is getting canceled after all.

After he removed the audio, Joe went to post numerous tweets. His fans asked if the show was over and he replied 100000%. In the same way, many of his followers were sad to see him go.

On the other hand, some people seem to be against Joe’s decision. It is alleged that Joe fired Rory over the money issues of the podcast. As a fact, Budden has publically dares Rory to sue him. 

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