John Benjamin Thornton Wikipedia Wife And Family Ethnicity

John Benjamin Thornton Threatened Joe Biden: Was He Arrested?

John Benjamin Thornton Threatened Joe Biden: Was He Arrested?

John Benjamin Thornton Wikipedia details are under investigation after he is arrested for threatening Joe Biden.

Mr. Thornton is a man who is recently arrested for threatening to kill Joe Biden.

Mr. Biden is a recent President of the United States of America.

He is also said to have threatened other high-profile personalities.

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John Benjamin Thornton Wikipedia

John Benjamin Thornton Wikipedia is undocumented.

However, one can know the man a little better through this article.

John Benjamin Thornton’s age is 39 years currently.

The man is a native of New Mexico

Moreover, Mr. Benjamin claims himself as a Revolutionary War General.

He is also found to be taking leadership of a revolutionary army group named [sic] 3%ers which is an anti-government group.

His Wife And Family

John Benjamin Thornton must have a wife.

 But we are not sure about her name and other details.

Moreover, Benjamin’s family must be residing back in New Mexico.

We also assume that he has children.

But the man was staying a lowkey life so the details surrounding them are off the record.

John Benjamin Ethnicity And Religion

John Benjamin Thornton’s ethnicity must be Hebrew.

And, his religion could be Christianity.

However, we cannot be certain about this information as Benjamin himself has not stated anything about his ethnicity and religion.

Talking about his nationality, he is Mexican.

John Benjamin Arrest and Charges

John Benjamin Thornton is arrested on 26th May 2021.

The man has been charged for threatening to kill U.S. President Joe Biden and other personnel.

According to CNN, the threat was made via text message.

As of now, John Benjamin is charged for using interstate commerce communication to threaten multiple people including Joe Biden.

The text read as “5 stars after I execute Joe Biden for Treason.”

The man is now imprisoned at Dona Ana country Jail with any lawyer. 

And he will be appearing at a federal court hearing on 28th May.




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