John Charlton Age Wikipedia And Wife: Jack Charlton’s Son

Jack Charlton’s Son John Charlton: Where Is he now?

Jack Charlton’s Son John Charlton: Where Is he now?

John Charlton is the son of legendary footballer, Jack Charlton. Know his Age and Wikipedia here. 

Jack Charlton is an unforgettable name in footballing history as the defender led his England side to the first and only ever World Cup Victory in 1966. Besides, he also coached the Northern Ireland team to European Championships and a World Cup. 

Following his demise in July 2020, a documentary, Finding Jack Charlton is being premiered on BBC Two tonight. The documentary features the world cup champion and his journey. Moreover, it also has glimpses of his wife and son, John. 

The documentary revolves around Jack’s complicated relationship with his brother, Bobby who is also a retired football player. 

John Charlton Age: How old is Jack Charlton’s son?

John Charlton is currently around 62 years of age. His birthday, however, remains undetermined. 

Born to Jack Charlton and Patt Kemp, John is the eldest child of the couple. Also, he has two younger siblings, a sister, and a brother. He was born in 1959. 

John has a few appearances in the new documentary as he talks about his father and his relationship within the family. 

Is John Charlton on Wikipedia?

John Charlton is not present on Wikipedia. However, his father’s wiki has his mention once or twice. 

His current job also remains under review as the celebrity family member is not much in the spotlight. Also, he prefers to lead a normal life and keep a low-profile. One can find a few articles about him on the internet though. 

John Charlton Wife And Family: Who is He Married To?

John Charlton has not shared any details about his wife and children. 

Hence, we do not have any information about his family for the time being. 

In the same way, the facts about his net worth and earnings remain under review as well. 

Finding Jack Charlton is premiering tonight at BBC Two. It can later be watched on iPlayer. 

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