John Mcwhorter Wife Wikipedia And Family

Who Is Professor John Mcwhorter? His Wife Wikipedia And Family

Who Is Professor John Mcwhorter? His Wife Wikipedia And Family

Professor John McWhorter does not have a wife as he is not married yet. You might want to see more about his family details. Complete the article to learn more about him.

John is an American linguist and associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University

Meet John Mcwhorter Wife: Is This Professor Married?

John Mcwhorter does not have a wife.

This professor has not been married yet. He has been happily enjoying his single life and focusing on his career.

Mcwhorter is already 55 years old as he was born on October 6, 1965, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. 

Even at 55 years, he has not given any sign of getting married.

John Mcwhorter On Wikipedia 

Mcwhorter has already been able to get his bio on Wikipedia.

Being a famous linguist of a very well-reputed university, John has certainly earned colossal fame and has also been able to get his bio on several websites on the internet.

We can meet John on Twitter under the username @JohnHMcWhorter. He has shared more than two thousand tweets and has more than 180 thousand followers.

This professor is also an author of The Story of Human Language, Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language, Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths About English Usage.

He was a contributing editor at The New Republic from 2001 to 2014 and worked as an associate professor of linguistics at Cornell University from 1993 to 1995.

John Mcwhorter Family

John Mcwhorter was born in an American family.

This professor was born and raised in Philadelphia, and his father’s name was John Hamilton McWhorter IV (1927-1996), and his mother’s name was Schelysture Gordon McWhorter (1937-2011).

His father was a college administrator, and his mother was also a teacher who taught social work at Temple University.

Moreover, John had attended Friends Select School in Philadelphia and went to Simon’s Rock College after tenth grade.

Also, he went to Rutgers University and received a B.A. in French in 1985. After that, he also received a master’s degree in American Studies and a Ph.D. in linguistics.

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