John Meadows Age Height, Wife And Death Cause

How Did John Meadows Die? An Update On His Death Cause

How Did John Meadows Die? An Update On His Death Cause

Obituary announcement- John Meadows died at the age of 49. His death was confirmed through Facebook by Brooke Nappo on behalf of Meadows’ wife Mary.

John Meadows was a renowned and successful bodybuilder and coach who passed away on Sunday, August 8, 2021. He was an amazing trainer and nutritionist based in Ohio.

As per Generation Iron, Meadows reportedly died of a pulmonary embolism in his sleep on Sunday. Most of his admirers recognized him as a “Mountain Dog”.

The news of Pro IFBB bodybuilder is shocking for his family and his fans. He died peacefully but unexpectedly at his home on August 8, 2021. As per the source, he was the CEO of Granite Supplements and Mountain Dog Diet.

Let us find out how did the legendary bodybuilder die? Scroll down to know more about his wife and family details.

Twitter Mourns John Meadows Unexpected Death 

The sudden demise of John Meadows has startled his fellow members and his family.

People are sharing their deepest condolence via Twitter and Facebook. His family is still in traumatic condition as he died peacefully while he was sleeping. 

Indeed, he did have health-related issues in the past few years. In 2005, he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Idiopathic Myointimal Hyperplasia of the Mesenteric Veins. However, he had a quick recovery and continue his coaching and training career. 

As per Barbend, In May 2020, he suffered a heart attack that led him to be hospitalized and have proper bed rest for a week. 

How Did Legendary John Meadows Die? Cause Of Death Explored

John died peacefully in his home while he was taking a nap, as per some online sources. The cause of his death is natural.

According to his Facebook page, he studied Health Management at Capital University. Also, he went to Wilmington College and Washington Senior High School.

The active and professional trainer John has a self-titled YouTube channel. He has about 550k subscribers on his channel. He often uploads body workouts and the perfect diet plan videos on this platform.

John Meadows Age And Wife Details 

John Meadows was 49 years old when he took his last breath. The father of two twins left the world all alone.

As per the source, he was survived by his wife, Mary Meadows, and two twins. 

John was quite successful in his career as he has earned a million of income from his business ventures. He left his colossal fortune to his wife and children. 

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