John Merrill Wife Age Wikipedia And Children

Who is Cindy Benford Merrill? John Merrill Family And Children

Who is Cindy Benford Merrill? John Merrill Family And Children

Cindy Benford, John Merrill Wife, is devastated to hear that her husband has cheated on her.

Professionally known as an educator, Cindy Benford previously served at Westwood Elementary School as their principal. Very interested in History, she has even published her own books focused on Alabama’s history.

According to Daily Mail, her husband was having an extramarital affair with Cesaire McPherson. They had sexual encounters in their three years of the affair, from November 2017 to November 2020.

Meet John Merrill Wife Cindy Benford

Cindy Benford is in the limelight for being John Merrill‘s wife.

The couple had married on May 11, 1985. Moreover, their wedding took place at Calvary Baptist Church. Sadly, John has cheated on her, and there are rumors that Cindy will try to divorce him.

Well, John has accepted the affair and will now end his terms as the 53rd Secretary of State of Alabama. Speaking about Cesaire, she used to work as his secretary and is the main reason behind the drama.

Cindy Benford Age: How Old Is She?

Cindy Benford age in 2021 remains a mystery.

As per our research, we can claim that she is around her early 50s. However, we know that her husband, John is already 57 years old. Even at this age, he had sexual encounters with a nearly 13 years younger woman than him.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Cindy Benford has not been placed on Wikipedia as she is not a renowned celebrity.

However, we can surely find John‘s Wikipedia. In fact, that’s the only sire where we can read Cindy’s bio. From there, we can claim that she is originally from Phil Campbell, Alabama.

As an educator, her earnings are probably low. Thus, we believe that her net worth is not more than the thousands.

Meer Her Children

Cindy Benford and her husband share two children.

They are Brooks Merill and Allie Grace Merrill. Right now, there is nothing to know about her maternal family details.

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