John Shimooka Cause Of Death, Wife, And Family, Net Worth 2019

John Shimooka Cause Of Death, Wife, And Family: How Did The Surfer Die?

John Shimooka Cause Of Death, Wife, And Family: How Did The Surfer Die?

John Shimookas is a famous Australian surfer. John Shimooka was one of the greatest and talented surfers to have ever played the game. He was just in his 50’s and had earned himself a name in the history book. He wasn’t just engaged to his professional surging career but he was a commentator, manager, and a black belt holder in Jiu Jutsu. 

Name John Shimooka
Birthday 1969
Age 51
Gender Male
Nationality American-Australian
Profession Surfer
Married/Single Married
Wife Lisa Shimooka
Children 1
Twitter @jshmoo

John Shimooka started his professional career back in 1989 and he is an 11th-time world champion. Unfortunately on November 1, 2020, John Shimooka passed away however the real reason behind his death isn’t confirmed yet but he died at such an early age and shocked the whole world.

10 Facts on John Shimooka:

  1. John Shimooka was born in 1969 in Hawaii, United States of America.
  2. His age as of 2020 is just 51 years old however he hasn’t unfolded his exact date of birth in public yet.
  3. Surfer John Shimooka hasn’t mentioned much about family life as he made his parents stay away from all kinds of the limelight.
  4. John started his career back in 1989 when he was just 20 years old and later he even joined as a commentator and a black belt in Juijutsu and this sums up his biography.
  5. He was married to his Australian wife Lisa Shimooka and they both moved to Australia back in 1999.
  6. John and his wife Lisa have a son together. Their son is just 21 years old as he is also very passionate about surfing.
  7. His wife Lisa died due to cardiac arrest back in September 2019 and John died on November 16, 2020 however, the exact reason behind his death isn’t confirmed yet.
  8. His net worth as of 2020 is more than a million dollars however he hasn’t revealed his exact earning in public as he has been very secretive about it.
  9. John is an 11th-time world surfing champion.
  10. He is available on his Twitter account @jshmoo where he has more than 1.9k followers.

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