John Textor Net Worth Wikipedia, Age And Wife

John Textor Bought Shares From Crystal Palace – Get To Know The American Businessman

John Textor Bought Shares From Crystal Palace – Get To Know The American Businessman

John Textor net worth is expected to grow as the new Crystal Palace director. Is he on Wikipedia? 

A popular businessman based in the USA has put his major finance in a British football club. John Textor has become the newest American man to invest in European football. 

Textor bought significant stocks of Crystal Palace FC in a recent deal. 

John Textor Net Worth – Meet The Crystal Palace Investor

John Textor net worth stands at least $250 Million USD in 2021. 

John Textor is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the former CEO and executive chairman of the streaming Television service, FuboTV. Likewise, he still owns a 10% share of the company.

At the end of the 2020 fiscal year, FuboTV’s total equity was around $622.948 Million USD. The number which is only soaring with the expansion of streaming service.

John Textor flaunted his wealth as he invested £87.5 million pounds in Crystal Palace FC

Just last month, the businessman had failed to buy 25% of Benfica. However, he will now join Palace along with Josh Harris, David Blitzer, Steve Parish as the board member.

With Textor’s financial investment in the club, Crystal Palace is speculated to overcome the financial hardship they faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

John Textor Wikipedia Biography & Age

John Textor is not subject to the Wikipedia biography feature yet.

But, John Textor does have a Twitter bio with 9.8k followers. Similarly, you can follow John Textor on Instagram as @john.textor

John Textor is around the age of 55 years old.

He is currently a resident of Palm Beach in Florida. However, he graduated from Wesleyan University (1983-1987) in Connecticut. Furthermore, John pursued his bachelors in economics. 

Get to Know John Textor Wife 

John Textor is married to his wife Debbie Textor.

The couple has made public appearances very few times. Except this, John Textor doesn’t reveal much about his children and personal life. 

John is more of a professional working man. He has dedicated his entire career to investments in digital technologies. 

He first rose into prominence as the co-chairman of Digital Domain. During his leadership, the company worked with superhit movies like Transformers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End.

In 2013, Textor became the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse is widely regarded as the pioneer developer of hyper-realistic digital humans for holographic live performances.

Now, John has expanded his fortune to international levels with his new journey with Crystal Palace. 

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