Jon Yao Wikipedia – Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Nationality, Instagram

Jon Yao Wikipedia – How Rich is American Chef Of Kato?

Jon Yao Wikipedia – How Rich is American Chef Of Kato?

Jon Yao is an American chef born in southern California, United States. The  American chef is 28 years old but his birthday is not known. Jon Yao’s parents are Taiwanese and they migrated to America in the search of a better future for themselves.

Name Jon Yao
Age 28 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Chef
Education Bachelors of Arts/Science from University of Califronia
Instagram jonyao

Jon Yao is an excellent chef who is working in his own restaurant to own himself a name in the world of Restaurants. Kato is the name of restaurants he opened in 2016 and he serves Taiwanese dishes to people. Jon Yao is very young to be such success in this kind of business according to Forbes. 


10 Facts on Jon Yao

  1. Jon Yao is a 28 years old American Chef who has his own restaurant and serves very excellent dishes to the public.
  2. The American chef is the son of Taiwanese immigrant parents who are originally from China and his parents taught him about his native cultures very much.
  3. The parents of the chef were the ones who asked for his help to provide lunchbox for University students in LA which became a pioneering idea for him.
  4. Jon Yao wanted to go to law school as he thought that was an Asian way before his parent’s idea changed his course of life.
  5. The young Chef has a bachelor’s of Arts/Science Degree from the University of California, Riverside.
  6. Kato, Jon Yao’s restaurant, serves 10 types of courses that changes daily along with various Asian flavours such as Thai, and Vietnamese. 
  7. Jon Yao has 11.5 k followers on Instagram and we are unknown about his relationship so say if he is married or not.
  8. Kato is a Michelin Star restaurant today located in Los Angeles strip mall and his net worth is unknown till today.
  9. Jon Yao has an article about him published on Forbes website which is a very good achievement for the 28 years old chef.
  10. As the American chef is young and also has very good skills in Kitchen, Jon Yao is destined to be a great chef in the future if he does hard work and makes good decisions.



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