Jonathan Irons Wikipedia & Facts , Age, Released, Maya Moore

Jonathan Irons Wikipedia & Facts
Jonathan Irons Wikipedia & Facts

Jonthan Irons is an African American who was prosecuted on Burglary and shooting charges in 1998. However, after the thorough investigation he was proved innocent. And finally he was released from the prison on the first week of July 2020. 

For his release, Maya Moore played a focal role. The WNBA star is also an advocate and she represented Irons. She has finally been able to prove his innocence after 22 years of unjustified prison time by the defendant. 

Name Jonathan Irons
Age 40 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American

10 Facts on Jonathan Irons

  1. Jonthan Irons was arrested back in 1998 for Burglary and Shooting charges. However, he has been released from the prison after around 22 years of unjustice.
  2. However, he doesn’t have his wikipedia biography till now. But his bio is written on several web portals. 
  3. As of now, Irons is supposed to be around 40 years of age. The exact date of birth, however, is not available yet. 
  4. The light has fallen upon him. He is finally released from the prison in the first week of July, 2020. He served more than 2 decades in vain. 
  5. Irons managed to prove his innoncence with the help of Maya Moore. The two of them have known each other since 2007. 
  6. Maya Moore is a famous WNBA star who has 2 olympic gold medals. Besides, she is also an advocate and she has fulfilled her dream of standing against unjustified crime. 
  7. Moreover, the decision has been made after around 4 months of overturning the conviction. Either way, it’s a great pleasure to see a innocent man free. 
  8. Irons was accused of Burglary and Assault of a white man, Stanley Stotler. Stanley was 38 years old at that time and Irons was in his teens. 
  9. As per the courts order, Jonathan was convicted for Burglary and Assault with no parole until 60 years of age. 
  10. After being released from the prison, he will be dedicating his life fighting for justice. He seems happy and hopeful and wishes no any unjustified decisions will be made as a consequence of racism.

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