Jonathan Mattingly Wife Age, Who Shot Sgt. Jon Mattingly? Family

Who is Jonathan Mattingly? Everything On His Wife Age, and Family

Who is Jonathan Mattingly? Everything On His Wife Age, and Family

Jonathan Mattingly is the Sergeant and supervisor who was one of the 3 officers who raided and fired their weapons into the apartment of EMT Breonna Taylor, resulting in her death. 

The Louisville Sergeant Jon Mattingly was suspended but was not charged with any crimes by the grand jury that was handling the case. He has been a sergeant since 2009 and was part of the LMPD’s Violent Incident Prevention.

Name Jonathan Mattingly
Birthday 1973
Age 47
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Sergeant in the LMPD
Married/Single Married

10 Facts About Jonathan Mattingly

  1. Jonathan Mattingly was born in 1973 according to Conan Daily. He is around 47 years old as of September 2020 as per NBC. 
  2. Mattingly was also shot on the day of Breonna Taylor’s incident. Who Shot Sgt. Jon Mattingly? Well, it was Breonna’s boyfriend who shot him. He was also in her home at the time of the raid.
  3. He joined the LMPD in June 2000 and had a significant role in the drug busts of the department. Around 9 years after joining the LMPOD, he became a Sergeant in 2009.
  4. The officer was promoted to the LMPD’s Violent Incident Prevention, Enforcement, and Response (VIPER) unit in 2012. 
  5. As part of the division of the department, he led a lot of drug cases and received a commendation for his actions. 
  6. He is married and his wife posted on Facebook with a message dedicated to Taylor’s mother saying that she sympathized with her loss. 
  7. Mattingly has also sent an email to more than 1000 of his colleagues defending his actions and telling them that they did not ‘deserve to be in that position’.
  8. The sergeant said that he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong as he was shot back by the victim’s boyfriend. 
  9. Sgt. Jon Mattingly is American as per his nationality and is White as per his ethnicity. 
  10. He was not charged with anything in the hearing and was released on bail, he was also not fired but placed on leave. 

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