Joseph Rosendo Wife Julie Rosendo

Who Is Joseph Rosendo Married To? Meet His Wife Julie Rosendo

Who Is Joseph Rosendo Married To? Meet His Wife Julie Rosendo

Joseph Rosendo and his wife Julia Rosendo have been living together in Topanga, California. Rosendo is an American travel journalist, broadcaster, television personality, and public speaker.

Meet Joseph Rosendo Wife: Julia Rosendo

Joseph has been married to his wife, Julia Rosendo.

The marriage date of this couple is not known yet but it is known that they have been living with a dog named Beats and a calf.

Rosendo has never revealed any information about their children or maybe this couple has not been parents to any child until today.

Talking about Julia Rosendo, she is the producer of Travelscope, which is a TV Series and it has been aired since 2005. This TV Series has already reached its 11th season.

Moreover, Travelscope has been able to win 42 Telly Awards, has been nominated for 18 National Daytime Emmy Awards.

Also, the show has won six, including 2 personal Emmys for Outstanding Directing in a Lifestyle program category.

Joseph Rosendo Net Worth

Rosendo has an estimated net worth of $5 million to $7 million.

However, the travel writer has not revealed any information about his actual net worth.

Being a travel writer, he has surely roamed around in different new and beautiful places and has also earned a huge amount of money.

Moreover, he has also published some books like Where To Go When and Where to Go When-The Americas.

Also, he has hosted Travelscope and has also produced radio features for ABC News, Discovery Channel Radio, and the Associated Press.

Joseph Rosendo Ethnicity: His Background

Rosendo’s ethnicity is White American.

He has worked throughout his career by being based in America and his TV Series Travelscope was aired on PBS and Public Television stations in the USA and Canada with 117 episodes in distribution.

Joseph has been able to win two Emmy awards for his role as host in the Travelscope TV Series.

Talking about Rosendo’s background, he was born on September 20, 1946, and his current age is 74 years old.

However, he has not revealed his height yet and it is also not known whether he is an Italian Hispanic or not.

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