Josh Vinson Jr Age Birthday And Little Josh Instagram

Who Is Josh Vinson Jr? Meet Josh Fight Winner

Who Is Josh Vinson Jr? Meet Josh Fight Winner

Josh Vinson Jr despite the tender age has been in the spotlight after being declared as the Josh Fight winner.

On April 24, 2021, Air Park hosted the battle of the Joshes, where hundreds of people named Josh participated. In the end, Josh Vinson Jr. was declared the winner of Josh Fight 2021.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Josh Swain got the idea of conducting a fight with all the people who shared the name of Josh. That viral internet meme became a reality, and the fights were held as rock paper scissors and pool noodles.

Meet Josh Fight Winner Josh Vinson Jr

Josh Vinson Jr., one of the participants of the Josh fight, was declared the winner.

According to Josh Fight‘s official Wikipedia page, he had been suffering from seizures. In fact, he was being treated at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, the same hospital for which the fund was being collected in the event.

His Age And Birthday Revealed

According to KIRO 7, Josh Vinson Jr age in 2021 is just 4 years old.

He was just 2 years old when he was diagnosed with seizures. Despite knowing his age, we remain clueless about his birthday. Some believe that he will celebrate his 5th birthday this year.

Born to Josh Vinson Sr., both the father and son had participated in the event. His father couldn’t be more proud of watching his son holding his championship belt.

Everything To Know About Little Josh

Little Josh is the dubbed name of Josh Vinson Jr., whose full name is actually Joshua Vinson Jr.

After the win, he crowned the Burger King crown, which didn’t fit his head. However, he was happy to lift the replica AEW World Championship belt.

Is He On Instagram?

Interestingly, Josh Vinson Jr is active on Instagram with more than 50 followers.

His followers have been increasing every minute. Here is his username if you wish to follow him – @little_josh2021.

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