Josh Walters Age, Wife Nicole Job And Net Worth

What does She’s The Boss Josh Walters do for a living? Meet the Family

What does She’s The Boss Josh Walters do for a living? Meet the Family

Josh Walters She’s The Boss: What does Mr. Walter from She’s the boss do for a living? Know everything about him reading this post.

She’s the boss is a new show under the USA network. Until now, there have been only 3 episodes, but its cast is already getting widely recognized.

The show follows entrepreneur Nicole Walters and her family in the document series. Read further to know about her husband and family.

Josh Walter Job: What does he do for a living?

She’s the Boss star; Josh Walter is doing a job as a stay-at-home Lawyer.

He’s a managing partner at a law firm named Wheelhouse Legal.

Nicole lovingly describes her Husband as the “holy grail of husbands”. Throughout the series, Josh grounds the couple as they juggle parenting their three adopted daughters, careers, obstacles, love, and laughter.

Meet Josh and Nicole Children

They don’t have any biological kids. However, they are parents to 3 lovely adopted kids. The name of their children is Daya, Krissy, and Ally.

  • Krissy: She is the middle child, nicknamed “MidTiny,”.Krissy is 18 years old.
  • Ally: She is referred to as “Little Tiny,” who is the smallest in the family.
  • Daya: Their eldest child, aka “Big Tiny,” will not be featured in the show.

Josh Walters Networth

Josh and Nicole have a combined estimated net worth to be around $9 million dollars.

His wife Nicole is a successful entrepreneur who runs a multi-million dollar marketing empire.

Quick Facts:

Name Josh Walters
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Lawyer
Married/Single Married
Wife Nicole Walters
Children 3
Education The College of William and Mary School of Law , Graduate Fellow.

Some Facts on Josh Walters

  1. Josh is yet to have his personal Wikipedia page. However, we can know more about him from the episodes of She’s the boss.
  2. Walter’s exact age is now known. However, he seems to be in his mid 40’s. His wife, Nicole, is 35 years of age.
  3. When Nicole and Josh saw Krissy, Daya, and Ally panhandling with their mother in Baltimore almost seven years ago, they knew they had to step in and help.
  4. Josh has completed his education at The College of William and Mary School of Law. He is also a National Merit Scholar from the University of Maryland College Park.
  5. Josh is very loving towards his wife and children. The happy family also has a pet dog.
  6. He has a broad range of knowledge, focusing on contract formation, business organization and administration, trademark registration, employment law, entertainment law, and consumer rights.
  7. He doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account.

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